A Girl’s Gotta Do
Television Series
Genre: Comedy Drama
Duration: 13 x 48 mins
Writer: Angelo Salamanca
Story Consultant: Susannah Farrow

Off-the-wall, twenty-something, KIKI, has her sights set on the prize - to be a famous comedian. Her live-in boyfriend, FAB, a home caterer specialising in aphrodisiacal cuisine, got a buzz from seeing Kiki high on performance adrenalin. Trouble is, Kiki’s only had one professional gig and with Centrelink breathing down her neck, Kiki is desperate for her second job ASAP.

When Kiki’s agent JEANNIE, offers her a job filling in between strip acts at The Inferno, Kiki finds herself in a dilemma. The job would certainly give her a chance to perform in front of a “challenging” audience but she’d have to wave her feminist principals goodbye.

Moreover, “showbiz” is a career path Kiki’s socialite mother, WINIFRED, is dead against, given the penury she had to endure as the daughter of a “showman” - Kiki’s grandfather, “GRAMPS”. Kiki is told how he abandoned his wife and child for a leggy dancer. But Kiki feels a strong connection to Gramps whom she believes to be dead. On the other hand, Kiki’s dad and amateur ornithologist, JILES, is less fretful than his wife at the idea of Kiki pursing a career in showbiz. He’s always wanted his kids to pursue their interests, full-throttle. Meanwhile, Kiki’s corporate high-flying sibling, JESSICA, is determined to get her wayward sister a highly paid job high in a glass and concrete tower.

When, after wrestling with her conscience, Kiki accepts the job at The Inferno, she gets more than she bargains for. She befriends, and is befriended, by an array of characters comprising the club’s staff: corpulent manager MINNIE and her diminutive hair-pieced husband, EDWIN; muscle-bound Russian gay bouncer ALEX; cute spotlight-operator FRANK.

And of course the multi-talented, truly magnificent seven: BUSTY, big on Latin lovers; VAMPY, who sports a shaved head and harbours a dark secret; LIPPY, a single mum with two gorgeous kids; LACEY, burdened with serious personal baggage; CLASSY, the bright tertiary student; CHEEKY, a bon vivant lesbian from the bush; and CHUMMY, a child of hippy parents, all the way from Wyoming, USA, who is exotically dancing her way around the world.

Working in this strange and unfamiliar world, amongst such eccentric characters, Kiki slowly begins to recognise and better understand her own strengths and weaknesses. Then, when The Inferno is suddenly put up for sale, Kiki realises what’s at stake by its imminent loss to herself and those around her.

Inspired, Kiki pulls out all stops to form a collective and raise enough money to buy the property. She intends to turn it into a theatre restaurant, ensuring stable employment for all the staff for as long as they need or want it.

A Woman Apart
Feature Film
Genre: Drama
Duration: 100 mins
Writer: Angelo Salamanca & Lella Cariddi
Story and Script Consultant: Annette Blonski

A Woman Apart is the remarkable story of LUCIA, a feisty 17 year-old woman from Sicily. For her family’s economic salvation, she is coerced by her mother, LENA, into a proxy marriage with NINO – a barber who has emigrated to Australia.

The uncompromising story traces Lucia’s turbulent journey to Australia, where within a loveless dysfunctional marriage, she gives birth to 2 children. Over the ensuing 10 years of domestic solitude, she slides into depression. When the situation becomes intolerable, she delegates the care of her beloved children to her trusted friend JOSIE, from whom she also borrows money to return to Sicily.

There, she tries to rekindle a passionate affair with the love of her youth, SALVATORE, who’s now married. Her efforts, however, are sabotaged by her brother, PASQUALINO, who harbours incestuous feelings towards her. When Pasqualino’s attempt at killing Salvatore goes awry, Lucia finds herself having to avenge her brother’s murder at the hands of her ex-lover.

With her mother now also dead, and ostracised by her in-laws, Lucia thinks that her luck has changed when, Pasqualino’s boss CESARE, offers her a job. Using the camera that Pasqualino had given her as a gift, she becomes Cesare’s and accomplice by photographing his targeted victims. Lucia ensures that among those on the hit-list is Salvatore. Once she has avenged Pasqualino’s murder, Lucia’s interest in her photographic assignments wanes but agrees to work for Cesare in his photo shop which doubles up as a money-laundering front.

Lucia’s journey enters a final phase when she is tricked by Nino into returning to Australia after he lies about their son being hurt in an accident. But Cesare insists she knows too much and forbids her from leaving. A struggle ensues but Lucia flees after accidentally blinding him in one eye.

Back in Australia Nino uses emotional blackmail to get to go back to him. Lucia, however, will not be bribed.

Cesare, hell-bent on claiming his pound of flesh, follows his mistress to Australia. Wielding a gun, he threatens to kill her children if she doesn’t return to Sicily with him. Lucia uses all the survival skills she’s garnered over the years as “a woman apart” to ensure that her freedom remains intact and that her children are safe.

Feature Film
Genre: Psychological  Thriller
Duration: 90 mins
Writer: Philip Rainford
Story Editor & Story Consultant: Angelo Salamanca
Script Consultant: Joan Sauers

Albert is a lonely, troubled man who lives with his cousin, Sarah as if they were husband and wife. They grew up together after the death of their parents under tragic circumstances that scarred them both for life.

Albert is solidly built but ineffective. He spends most of his days in a dream until one day that dream becomes a reality. Or does it? Are the apparently strange events at the hotel where he works part of a plot or his imagination gone wild? Neither Albert nor the audience can be sure.

When Albert discovers a bloodstained sheet in the laundry his imagination goes wild, compounded by the mysterious disappearance of a guest. Albert is frustrated as he tries to convince everyone he is not dreaming this. When he is unable to produce the blood stained sheet he shifts his suspicions to a new guest, a man in a brown suit who seemed to have entered into some conspiracy with the manager and his uncle, the hotel owner.

It is a mystery designed to keep the audience off balance, wondering until the end while drawing on their sympathy for Albert and the obstacles he must face in a frightening world, which forces him to hide in his own fantasies in order to cope.

When those who care about Albert begin to suspect he might be right, it is too late to stop a series of events unfolding that will lead to a political incident.

Albert, however, following his dream to be a real hero and not just one in his head, probes his suspicions and prevents the tragedy.

However the strain drives him over the edge.

When Sarah returns home after having Albert committed to care, she discovers some of Albert’s darkest secrets.

As Sticky as Sex
Feature Film
Genre: Black Comedy
Duration: 90 mins
Writer: Angelo Salamanca

Exotic dancer, Trudi is coaxed by her strapped-for-cash sleazy legal-eagle philandering lover, Arnold, into answering an advertisement put in the paper by his client, Len – a 70 year old man with a heart condition.

This old codger will leave a million dollars to the woman who kills him by orgasm!

Alas, things don’t go quite according to plan.

As his designs on Trudi become more honorable and less lecherous, Len decides to prolong his life with a view to marrying her and living out his days as blissfully as possible. Hell, he might even have that triple by-pass the doctors have advised him against!

Incensed by Len’s change of heart, Arnold - desperately strapped for cash – wants his share of the dosh sooner than later. Arnie’s not a man to do things by halves and so hatches a plan to commit the perfect crime.

But Trudi begins to grow fond of lovable Len. Moreover, when she realizes that there’s more to gain by not bringing on his “ejaculatory expiration”, Trudi decides to take matters into her own hands a hatch a little plan of her own.

Bella Donna
Bella Donna poster
Feature Film
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 90 mins
Writer: Susannah Farrow
Story and Script Consultant: Angelo Salamanca

Once you’re in, there’s no escaping the ‘Family’.

Organised crime is thriving – not only in the US but in many countries – not least, of course, Australia.

There are some women within the ranks of organised crime who are no longer content to be used, abused and silent. The woman who is forced to fight back in order to maintain or regain her dignity and self-respect, is on the rise. But in an environment where blood is thicker than water, to betray your ‘own’ is to defy the bonds of honour, trust, and allegiance. The cost is always high.

Devoutly Catholic and wretchedly bulimic, CELESTE Di NAPOLI is the wife of one of the city’s most notorious crime bosses – the philandering, ruthless FRANK Di NAPOLI. When Frank is sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment, he charges Celeste with the running of one of his most profitable ventures – the Andromeda Nightclub.

Celeste is reluctant to take on the task. Moreover, her eldest son, TONY, wants it for himself and is prepared to fight anyone to ensure he retains control. Frank forces Celeste into doing his bidding by threatening the lives of their youngest son, the vulnerable, drug addicted NICK, and daughter, CARA, who is in danger of losing more than just her innocence. Middle son, CHRISTIAN, tries to protect his mother from imminent danger, but is torn between his duty to his family and his abhorrence of what they do.

When Nick is found dead by the side of the road, Celeste is devastated and seeks solace in the arms of Frank’s brother LEO – a priest with his own dark secrets. With yet another child murdered, Celeste resolves to find Nick’s killer. She seeks answers from Frank who pleads ignorance, while Tony is adamant he had nothing to do with it.

When police advise Celeste there was a witness to Nick’s murder, Celeste’s workload increases. By day, she does her best to run the club. By night, she scours the streets for the one person who can help her.

As Celeste grows in confidence, so too, does her stature. Frank and Tony regard her clandestine meetings with other crime bosses as compromising to the family’s operations. Tony would certainly be satisfied to see his own mother eliminated, whilst Frank orders her killed.

Having gained knowledge of plots and intentions to do away with her, and now being certain of Nick’s killer, Celeste exacts swift, merciless revenge. She dispatches Tony, Frank, and last but not least, attends to her lover, Nick’s father and tragically, Nick’s killer.

Bitter Sweets
Feature Film
Genre: Thriller / Horror
Duration: 85 mins
Writer: Angelo Salamanca
Story Consultant: Susannah Farrow
Script Editor: Annette Blonski

When young ADAM and GRETA are orphaned after the tragic death of the parents in a car accident, Greta is struck dumb, and Adam does his utmost to protect her. The children, as willed by their father, are taken under the wing of their estranged heavy metal rocker uncle CLEM, and his partner DANA - a singer/musician with two steel front teeth.

Once taken to live in their new home - a forest shack in the middle of nowhere - the children must get used to radical changes in their lives, not least, new guardians given to growing commercial quantities of marijuana. To make matters worse, the children learn that people have been disappearing in the area without trace.

Meanwhile the cheerful local police constable MURPHY goes missing after investigation a missing backpacker.

Deep in the forest, middle-aged loner BREWSTER, proprietor of the confectionary shop, “The Big Lamington”, surfs the web, fascinated by such spine-chilling news items as the German man who advertised on-line to be eaten.

One night, after being left alone by their guardians who have gone into town for a pub gig, Adam and Greta hear a blood-curdling wail. Frightened out of their wits, the children scurry to hide from a stranger with a weapon who’s pursing a backpacker. The children make a run for it. But not before Adam grabs a notebook from the kitchen.

In darkness, Adam spikes the notebook pages through tree-branches so they can find their way back to the house. But by dawn, a wind has sprung up and the children wake in undergrowth to the sound of rustling paper flying past them. Adam and Greta take solace in the knowledge that if they die, at least they’ll die together.

Lost and hungry, Adam and Greta go in search of help and food, eventually stumbling across “The Giant Lamington”. The shopkeeper in his pristine apron is all smiles as he offers the children comfort and sweets.

Before they know it, Adam and Greta find themselves bound and gagged and confronting the fate which befell the backpacker and other missing persons.

But Brewster hadn’t reckoned on the resourcefulness of his captives and their will to live. As decapitated human heads with missing tongues hang on butcher’s hooks in the monster’s home-made abattoir, Greta recovers her voice enabling her to distract Brewster long enough to save Adam from the meat cleaver.

The children muster all their might and wit to render their abductor helpless, buying them enough time for help to arrive in the form of their frantic, bike-chain wielding guardians.

As the police board up Brewster’s house of horrors, Clem and Dana eradicate their crop of marijuana then enlist the help of the Adam and Greta to add an extra room to the house with the intention of making the children’s ’s life more comfortable.

Boot it
Feature Film
Genre: Comedy Drama
Duration: 100 mins
Writer: Angelo Salamanca
Original Story and Script Consultant: Anthony Nugara

Bobby has the ability to kick an Aussie Rules football a country mile. When he’s given the chance to play professionally in the AFL, he must decide whether to leave behind his windowed father on the farm or pursue a passion which many years ago resulted indirectly in the accidental death of his mother.

Feature Film
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 90 mins
Writer: Serge De Nardo & Lambros Hajisava
Story Consultant: Angelo Salamanca

When wealthy businessman Robert Milos dies at the hands of a mysterious woman poisoner, his secretly gay son Robby inherits the family business and the Milos Millions.

But according to the terms of his father's will, before Robby can inherit, he must marry a woman and be free of any moral stain on his character.

Robby carries out a sham marriage. Then it is discovered that Robby himself was the intended victim when his father was poisoned.

Were Robby's brother and sister involved, having earlier seen the father's will which left most of the money to Robby?

And who is the mystery woman? Is she working alone for her own twisted motives or does she work for one of the legion of enemies Milos Senior made during his ruthless rise to the top?

Will Robby's secret homosexual affair be exposed, making him ineligible to inherit his father's vast fortune?

Nothing and no one are quite what they seem in DECEPTION.

Feature Film
Genre: Thriller / Horror
Duration: 90 mins
Writer: Angelo Salamanca
Story and Script Consultant: Susannah Farrow

Twenty-year old Ronny, only child of a wealthy family, has heaps of emotional baggage and it’s eating away at his soul. As a fourteen year old kid, living in a coastal town, rebelling against his dictatorial parents, Ronny got drunk, stole a car and went joy-riding. He ended up killing the driver and his wife and left their seventeen year-old daughter with horrific injuries.

Now, seven years later, Ronny has the incident playing over and over in his head. No amount of therapy, soul-searching, or remorse will exorcise the demons within.

Ronny’s parents have disowned him. They care more about how adverse publicity affects their business than they do about their son’s psychological scars.

During his time in correctional detention, Ronny acquired skills in writing for young adults. Now, on the threshold of a writing career, Ronny has decided to return to the town where he grew up…. and where the tragedy took place.

But Ronny’s parents want him out of town. They make his life hell by reminding him of his dark past.

Lonely, friendless, and desperate for company, Ronny tries to focus on his writing which has been a useful tool for finding purpose in his life.

Ronny’s life takes a new twist when one night, on a dark and deserted beach road, Ronnie stumbles across a young woman, Jessica – 20’s. She claims she’s been mugged by hitch-hikers who have stolen her bag and car. Jessica is in urgent need of rest and medical attention. Ronny offers to put her up for the night. He is immediately taken with her and invites her to stay free of charge should she wish to take a break from the big smoke. Jessica is grateful but declines. The following morning Ronny drops her off at the police station and despondently says goodbye.

Ronnie can’t get Jessica off his mind. So, he’s ecstatic when she returns 24 hours later to announce she’s changed her mind and that she could use a holiday.

It doesn’t take long for their friendship to blossom and they soon become lovers.

Ronnie hasn’t been this happy in a long time but when he starts to receive strange phone calls from an anonymous voice alerting him to imminent danger, he begins to question whether Jessica is the person she says she is.

Jessica confesses that she hasn’t been totally honest with him. She now claims she’s been trying to avoid a stalker – a man with whom she had a one night stand but who has been hassling her ever since. She’s frightened and doesn’t want anyone else to get involved. Ronnie assures her he’ll do all he can to protect her from any harm.

Meanwhile in an anonymous house, a wheel-chair ridden woman with no faculty of speech, and much of her body covered with synthetic skin, has her hands tied with rope, rendering her absolutely helpless.

Ronny’s recent-found happiness crumbles when he wakes up in the middle of the night after a night’s drinking (something he vowed he’d never do again) to discovers his bed is saturated with blood. Jessica is in the backyard digging a grave. She asks him to help bury the body of the stalker whom Ronny had apparently clubbed to death a few hours earlier in a drunken frenzy.

But is Jessica telling the truth or is she a compulsive liar? Who has Ronny really killed - if at all - and who was trying to warn him over the phone?

Ronny is thrust into a new nightmare and gets perilously close to self-destruction. He needs salvation and the person to do it could be the last person he’d expect to help him.

Ghost Gang
Feature Film
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 100 mins
Writer: Angelo Salamanca based on a screenplay “Grey Guns” by Ray Boseley.
Original Story: Ollie Martin

For gambling addict and petty crim, LANE HARRIS, things go from bad to downright dangerous when mate, JIMBO, sets up a two-hand poker showdown with big McKENZIE at Ritchie’s illegal casino. Unable to shake off a losing streak, Lane needs a quick getaway and a place to hide when he learns the stakes he’s just lost belong to pint-size MERLIN “the magician”. When this gangster teaches Jimbo a deadly “lesson”, Lane not only has to come up with the loot, but also becomes the prime suspect in his buddy’s murder. Desperate to dodge the cops and buy time to come up with vital cash, Lane seeks advice from his long-suffering widowed mum, PAT. She directs her son to GEORGE, her ex-lover with a history of foibles of his own.

George lives in shared accommodation with other oldies - MAX SNR, ALICE, HARRY, MADAM LASHKI, HWANG, ALFREDO, and wheelchair-ridden GLORIA. These old folks have their joie de vivre suppressed by landlord cum overseer, BUSBY who uses them to maximise capital and minimise expenses. When Lane learns that George has recently snuffed it and that Busby is keeping the corpse on ice until he can sell it to science for the right price, he begs Busby to give him sanctuary. On the proviso Lane manages the house whilst he’s away on business, Busby agrees.

Lane’s “housekeeping” is made easier when Busby’s former employee, MARIE, chips in. Marie was fired when she questioned Busby’s exploitative behaviour and, after being threatened with her life, now visits her elderly friends whenever Busby’s not around. Marie appreciates Lane bending the rules to make life more comfortable for the tenants and before she knows it her friendship with Lane blossoms into love.

When there’s an attempt to burgle Busby’s safe, the oldies band together to foil the thief. But what’s worse than the burglary is the contents of the safe detailing Busby’s criminal dealings which includes jewellery belonging to his tenants which has mysteriously disappeared over the years. Disgusted, the oldies determine to confront their fiendish landlord as soon as he returns.

Sooner or later, old houses give up their secrets. When Lane discovers that George was connected to a notorious band of urban “Robin Hoods” known in the 1950s as The White Wonders, he starts getting ideas about how he can use the elderly residents to help him get Merlin’s money. Trouble is, he risks destroying the good opinion Marie and the oldies have for him. But seeing real potential in his charges as a crack unit of crime-fighters, he takes his chances. Lane dusts off the White Wonders’ modus operandi, and charges the oldies with their task - confiscate stolen cash and valuables from petty crims in order to return the goods to rightful owners. In the interim, Lane secretly plans to use the money to challenge Mackenzie to another game of poker in order to pay back Merlin.

Under Lane’s tutelage, and with purpose back in their lives, The Ghost Gang is born. The media has a field day reporting on these disguised vigilantes who round up petty crims and deposit them at police stations. As their confidence sky-rockets, the Ghost Gang graduates from fighting petty crime to tackling a bigger league. They set their sights on Ritchie’s illegal casino.

But when Merlin’s henchmen manage to track Lane down and discover he’s part of the Ghost Gang, they plot to follow these do-gooders to the casino, let them conduct the heist, then rob them of the spoils. But Merlin hadn’t counted on the cops bugging Lane’s phone and hatching a plan of their own - they’ll arrest Lane for Jimbo’s murder during his card game with McKenzie at Ritchie’s.

With all parties gathering at the casino for the heist, counter-heist, and planned arrest, Lane has to rely on all his cunning and the Ghost Gang to outwit the mobsters, prove to the police that he’s innocent of his buddy’s murder, and win back the respect of Marie and the oldies.

God's Little Children
God's little children poster
Feature Film
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 90 mins
Writer: Angelo Salamanca
Story Consultant: Susannah Farrow

As a ten year old, PAULA felt responsible for a family death. Now, some years later, she is trying to deal with it the best she can.

Paula has felt alienated from her parents, MR and MRS JENKINS ever since the tragedy. She seeks an avenue to redemption and self-forgiveness and clutches at any semblance of love.

For Paula, “family” comes in the form of QUIN, a twelve year old street kid whom she has taken under her wing. She teaches him to read, makes up songs and sings to him. Quin is there for her as someone whom she can love and be loved unconditionally.

At eighteen, Paula, has for the past two years been working in the sex industry. Much of the work is provided by EDDIE whose ear is always close to the ground. He rents her a dingy flat where she occasionally receives her clients - one of whom is Eddie himself. Eddie resents Paula wasting money and energy on Quin, and looks for any opportunity to separate them. When Quin steals the keys to a car owned by one of Eddie’s friends, Eddie metes out savage punishment. Paula and Quin hit the road in the stolen car with the intention of visiting Quin’s mum at a country prison. When it transpires that she has unexpectedly disappeared after being paroled, Quin’s need for emotional support becomes even more profound.

On the road, Paula and Quin meet BEN, an apiarist who enjoys sharing his passion for bees and honey. Ben takes an immediate shine to the travellers. But Paula doesn’t feel equipped for “romance” and resolves to return to her parent’s house in Melbourne for temporary sanctuary. Paula intends to escape the sex industry, get settled, and find suitable accommodation in order to officially adopt Quin.

But in the Jenkins home, emotional scars still run deep. The house conjures memories of the fateful incident eight years before. It will take some bridge-building before Paula’s parents will accept both her and the “stray” into their lives. And there’s still Eddie to contend with. He demands that she return to work for him. But Paula wants none of it. Finally, she’s prepared to take desperate measures in order to dump the past and arrive at a fresh start.

Jean Lee
Feature Film
Genre: Crime Drama / Bio Pic
Duration: 100 mins
Writer: Susannah Farrow
Script Editor and Story Consultant: Angelo Salamanca

In 1949, Australia is still in a state of recovery after the war. Communism is a growing concern and ‘loose women’ are not to be tolerated. JEAN LEE (29) is everything a ‘nice young woman’ is not. She is a pickpocket, an alcoholic, a prostitute, the mother of a nine-year old daughter, VANESSA, and a dreadful disappointment to her father.

Estranged from her deadbeat husband, good-time girl Jean meets the love of her life, career criminal ROBERT ‘BOBBY’ CLAYTON (30) and his best friend NORMAN ANDREWS (35), whilst working as a prostitute for pimp MORRIS DIAS (45). It’s not long before Jean and Bobby fall in love. It’s not long after that when Bobby tells Jean he’s in trouble and has to flee the state. He wants her to go with him. Jean refuses, after all, how can she leave her daughter? Bobby is disappointed but it’s Morris Dias who changes Jean’s mind. He’s got wind of Jean leaving, and after he told her not to fraternise with the clients… Dias threatens to kill Jean, but like a knight in shinning armour, Bobby saves the day and Jean agrees to go with him.

Jean leaves Vanessa with her parents, DOUGLAS and BERYL WINTERS, and the trio head for Melbourne. Strapped for cash they work at an unreliable con that brings meagre returns. Things look desperate until Jean meets Carlton’s local SP bookmaker, WILLIAM ‘POP’ KENT (73), in the Ladies Lounge at the University Hotel. The old man carries a wad of cash and Jean hits upon a golden opportunity. At closing time, Kent, smitten with Jean and the possibility of some slap and tickle, invites the trio back to his place to continue drinking and partying.

At Kent’s place, Jean does her seductive best to swipe the old man’s stash but to no avail. Bobby becomes furious; Jean becomes frustrated and clobbers Kent over the head with a bottle. By the time the trio leave, the old man is dead. Later that same night, the trio are arrested at their hotel and taken in for questioning. When Jean is interviewed, she is shocked to learn that Bobby has betrayed her, signed a statement saying Jean and Norm colluded to kill Kent. Jean is devastated.

The Public Solicitor appoints lawyer JOHN LONG (45) to Jean’s case. At first, John cares little for the case or for Jean. The case doesn’t go well. A witness clearly places the trio at the scene; however, the coroner is adamant that a woman could not have caused the injuries that were the ultimate cause of Kent’s death. With political tides against her, missing her daughter and missing Bobby (despite the fact that he betrayed her) and with the death penalty looming, Jean grows increasingly despondent. Finally, the verdict is delivered – death to all three. Leave to appeal before the Privy Council in London is denied.

On the morning of her death, Jean is drugged and mollified. The hangmen prepare themselves. John Long arrives late; their final appeal to have her sentenced commuted to life imprisonment has been refused. There is no last minute reprieve. Shortly before 8a.m. the hangmen come for Jean. She lapses into a coma. They tie her wrists and ankles and carry her to the gallows. At 8a.m. the trapdoor falls and Jean dies – the last woman to be hanged in Australia.

John Long takes his family to New South Wales. He visits with Vanessa. Vanessa asks him if her mother was bad woman. He tells her truthfully, no, she just made bad choices.

Life Comes Along
Feature Film
Genre: Drama
Duration: 90 mins
Writer: Angelo Salamanca & Lella Cariddi
Script Editor Annette Blonski

Regina’s Mixed-Business is an oasis of charm in a desert of florescent-supermarket culture. It’s been an Altona institution for forty years. It prides itself in providing customers with quality goods and, in more ways than one, personalized service. But alas business is not what it used to be and it’s often difficult to make ends meet.

The mixed business is run by an extended family comprising matriarch REGINA, 65, an enterprising single mother and excellent cook, her only daughter EMILA, 44, lover of all things theatrical, son in-law RIC, 48 a tad too much into scotch, and adopted twins, FRAN and FRANK, 19, uni students.

This colorful group resides above the shop and presents roof-top theatre “Teatro Casalingo” on a make-shift stage under the stars. Through Emilia’s concerted efforts, family members participate in creating and presenting to a private audience, re-enactments of crucial moments in their willing customers’ lives.

However, a spanner is thrown into the family works when, after promoting their homegrown theatre on radio, ALBERTO, 48, a successful ex-patriot fashion designer offers to pay top dollar for the dramatization of a painful chapter in his life. The money should be manna from the sky for the ailing business but for Ric, Alberto embodies a blast-from-the-past love affair, whilst for Emilia, this stranger appears hell-bent on throwing her life way out of kilter.

To compound Emilia’s woes, Frank has yielded to a sudden filial urge to find his birth-mother. Speculating on the cause for her son’s action, and events involving Ric’s hidden past, Emilia is forced to question the notion of motherhood, blood-ties and trust, as well as loyalty, fidelity and devotion.

“Teatro Casalingo”, has always prided itself in offering their customers a better understanding of life’s vicissitudes. Now, as the family unit wavers dangerously on the brink of collapse, each member must do some serious soul-searching of their own and present their feelings on an “open” stage.

However this family is nothing if not resilient. In the final analysis, it’s those familial bonds forged through love not always voiced, that enables passionate spirits such as these to accept change as an inevitable part of living.

Sleight of Hand
Feature Film
Genre: Comedy Drama
Duration: 90 mins
Writer: John Dimase
Script Editor and Story Consultant: Angelo Salamanca

Is it possible to live a life devoid of magic? No matter how sophisticated or primitive a society is, magic captivates us from sideshows to elaborate rituals.

Harbouring a boyhood passion, radio announcer MARK LYNCH (35) single father of two daughters, dishes out advice to lovelorn insomniacs who tune into his late night program. But ratings are faltering and he’s in danger of losing his job.

Mark receives little solace from an estranged ailing unionist dad with a secret, nor from his ex, SOPHIA (35) who’s bonking a toy boy truckie when she’s not meditating to a Californian Guru.

Best mate STEVE (35) is no help either. This unreconstructed sexist slob is irresistible to the opposite sex and his latest conquest, KATE (25) is an alluring artist whose creativity has taken a backseat to cocaine.

To make matters worse, the woman of Mark’s dreams, ANGELA (30), a sophisticate who runs a hip inner city night club, barely knows he exists. Angela, nursing a broken heart of her own, feels for nerdy Mark and bothers to learn enough about him to discover his love for magic acts.

When Fate conspires to provide Mark with a shot at realising his dream and presenting a magic show in Angela’s bar, Mark resorts to calling on the gifts of an aging busker – a ghost from the distant past responsible for instilling in young Mark his passion for magic. Is this the turning point Mark has craved for much of his adult life?!

However, to everyone’s consternation Mark cracks under the pressure of being up on stage and having to deliver to a live audience hungry for entertainment.

But is what ensues a breakdown or a breakthrough? This devastating event changes Mark for the better and now, back in the studio, the new material he delivers to his radio audience is both inspired and inspiring. Mark replaces the mundane with poetry, and the word spreads.

Ratings don’t exactly skyrocket but this nocturnal announcer scores enough publicity to turn him into a champion of the emotionally damaged – those who wish to emerge from the darkness but whose lust for life is dormant.

Mark’s journey is a humble hero’s journey. From the small to the large, from the individual to the collective - no one is left behind, ensuring that the lives of those he comes into contact change for the better.