Angelo Salamanca
Australian Cinema Ensemble



Jean Lee

Feature Film
Genre: Crime Drama / Bio Pic
Duration: 100 mins
Writer: Susannah Farrow
Story Consultant: Angelo Salamanca


In post second world war Australia, when girls must keep nice, Jean Lee breaks all the rules. She has a lust for life, a need for love, and a devil-may-care attitude. In Melbourne Victoria, 1951, she is the last woman hanged in Australia.

Director's Notes

Jean Lee’s story demands to be told in a straight forward, no nonsense fashion. Susannah Farrow’s screenplay has developed from a combination of material in the public domain, and poetic license.

The screenplay of “Jean Lee” explores many facets of human behavior and psychology. At its heart, and what I feel will resonate with a contemporary audience, is the notion of how easy it is to make the wrong choice when situations don’t afford clear and rational thinking – even though the protagonist is more than capable of making intelligent, informed choices.

Jean’s story should spark debate on capital punishment in general and, and when – in Jean’s era – capital punishment did exist, how the death penalty certainly did not fit the crime.

Angelo Salamanca (Director and Script Consultant)