Angelo Salamanca
Australian Cinema Ensemble




a feature-length drama in the horror genre


Twenty-year old Ronny, only child of a wealthy family, has heaps of emotional baggage and it’s eating away at his soul. As a fourteen-year-old kid, living in a coastal town, rebelling against his dictatorial parents, Ronny got drunk, stole a car and went joy-riding. He ended up killing the driver and his wife and left their teenage daughter with horrific injuries. 

Now, seven years later, Ronny has the incident playing over and over in his head. No amount of therapy, soul-searching, or remorse will exorcise the demons within.

Ronny’s parents have disowned him. They care more about how adverse publicity affects their business than they do about their son’s psychological scars.

During his time in correctional detention, Ronny acquired skills in writing for young adults. Now, on the threshold of a writing career, Ronny has decided to return to the town where he grew up….  and where the tragedy took place.
But Ronny’s parents want him out of town. They make his life hell by reminding him of his dark past.

Lonely, friendless, and desperate for company, Ronny tries to focus on his writing which has been a useful tool for finding purpose in his life.

Ronny’s life takes a new twist when one night, on a dark and deserted beach road, Ronnie stumbles across a young woman, Jessica – 20’s. She claims she’s been mugged by hitch-hikers who have stolen her bag and car. Jessica is in urgent need of rest and medical attention. Ronny offers to put her up for the night. He is immediately taken with her and invites her to stay free of charge should she wish to take a break from the big smoke. Jessica is grateful but declines. The following morning Ronny drops her off at the police station and despondently says “goodbye”.

Ronnie can’t get Jessica off his mind. So, he’s ecstatic when she returns 24 hours later to announce she’s changed her mind and that she could use a holiday.

It doesn’t take long for their friendship to blossom and they soon become lovers.
Ronnie hasn’t been this happy in a long time but when he starts to receive strange phone calls from an anonymous voice alerting him to imminent danger, he begins to question whether Jessica is the person she says she is.

Jessica confesses that she hasn’t been totally honest with him. She now claims she’s been trying to avoid a stalker – a man with whom she had a one-night stand but who has been hassling her ever since. She’s frightened and doesn’t want anyone else to get involved. Ronnie assures her he’ll do all he can to protect her from any harm. Meanwhile in an anonymous house, a wheel-chair ridden woman with no faculty of speech, and much of her body covered with synthetic skin, has her hands tied with rope, rendering her absolutely helpless.

Ronny’s recent-found happiness crumbles when he wakes up in the middle of the night after a night’s drinking (something he vowed he’d never do again) to discovers his bed is saturated with blood. Jessica is in the backyard digging a grave. She asks him to help bury the body of the stalker whom Ronny had apparently clubbed to death a few hours earlier in a drunken frenzy.

But is Jessica telling the truth or is she a compulsive liar? Who has Ronny really killed - if at all - and who was trying to warn him over the phone?

Ronny is thrust into a new nightmare and gets perilously close to self-destruction. He needs salvation and the person to do it could be the last person he’d expect to help him.