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Zyco Rock
Zyco Rock


Zyco Rock is a futuristic teenage drama exploring music and drug culture as sanctioned by the government and schools of the day.

When young JEN decides to rebel against the prevailing culture by rejecting the allure of Zyco “raves” and all they stand for, she befriends an enigmatic, old style rock aficionado, TOM and his ebullient automaton home-help, FLICK.

As Jen becomes more acquainted with the music of distant past, she grows to appreciate a culture which she considers to be more vibrant and genuine than the one she’s currently immersed in.

Enlisting Tom’s help and that of her close friends, KAT and LORRIE, Jen decides to enter a school talent quest. Through the kinetic energy of rock and roll, Jen intends to open her audience’s eyes to a very different sensation.

Meanwhile, fearing her status will crumble away, the all-powerful MIRO – the Zyco school-yard “queen” - and her cronies, DEZZIE and FLAPPY, conspire to undermine Jen’s growing popularity by sabotaging her every endeavour.

But when Jen is alerted to Miro’s scheme, she equips herself with even more grit and determination. Jen is hell-bent on championing the qualities of non-conformism and win the day.