Produced - Urban Myth


Urban Myth
Urban Myth
Produced: 1991
Genre: Drama
Running time: 20 minutes
Format: 16 mm (1:1.85)

Distributed by the Australian Film Institute.

Certificate of Merit, Nimes International Film Festival, France


Married to one’s spouse.
Married to one’s art.
Married to one’s convictions.

Bea, a teacher of classical ballet, unintentionally falls pregnant for the first time at the age of forty-four and doesn’t know if her husband or her lover has fathered her child.

Bea must decide that if she proceeds with the pregnancy, whether to not only ascertain whose child it is, but also whether to continue living with her husband, move in with her lover, or live on her own.

Principal Cast
Suzy Cato
Joseph Spano
Peter Stratford

Principal Crew
Producer: Swinburne Film and TV School and Scottie Walker
Writer / Director: Angelo Salamanca
DOP: Stephen Amis
Editor: Piero Colli
Art Director: Paul Carland
Music: Janine De Lorenzo