Angelo Salamanca
Australian Cinema Ensemble



Say NO and Tell

1997, 25 mins, educational, Betacam SP 

Director / Co-writer: Angelo Salamanca
Producers: Ollie Martin & Leo Rosenthal
Co-writer: Gwendolen De Lacy

Cast: Gwendolen De Lacy; Drew Tingwell;
Steve Macklin; Wayne Rodda;
Giancarlo Salamanca; Lilikoi Olsen;
Karim Sarhan; Danielle Kielty.

Distributed by Martin and Rosenthal Education.


Four vignettes on the theme of stranger-danger are presented by a teacher to her class of primary school students.

Contentious issues brought by the different filmed scenarios are discussed, debated, and analyzed by the young class with frankness and resolve.

This educational video was endorsed by Monash University Children’s Support Centre and widely distributed throughout Australia to primary schools.