Angelo Salamanca
Australian Cinema Ensemble



Hungry Heart

1987, 105 mins, drama, 16mm     IMDb page   

Director:  Luigi Acquisto  
Producer:  Rosa Colosimo
Writer:  Luigi Acquisto based on a script by
Angelo Salamanca and Josie Arnold
Director of Photography:  Jaemes Grant
Editor: Courtney Page
Music: Separate Tables, Not Waving, Drowning

Cast: Nick Carrafa; Kimberley Davenport; Lisa Shouw; Norman Kaye;
Dasha Blahova; Mark Rogers; Osvaldo Maione.

Edinburgh International Film Festival;
Montreal International Film Festival;
Channel GTV9; Foxtel.


We see life through the eyes of Salvatore returning to his parents’ home after completing his internship as a doctor in the country.

When he meets Kate, a quiet, mysterious girl, a relationship blossoms. But Kate has difficulty rationalizing her feelings for Salvatore with the closeness she feels for her flat-mate, Jane – a professional singer who is love with Kate.