Angelo Salamanca
Australian Cinema Ensemble



Hostage to Fate

2004, 88 mins, drama     IMDb page     Media Kit

Writer/Director: Angelo Salamanca     
Producer: Michael Agar
Director of Photography: Con Filippidis
Editor: Ken Sallows
Production Designer: Ruth Lyon
Art Director: Tina Carter

Cast: Damien Fotiou, Nick Carraffa, Gabriella Maselli, Terry Norris


Young Dave is on a collision course with Fate: His visionary grandmother, Maritsa, has prophesised that he’s going to kill his father and have sex with his aunt!

Can we escape our fate? Are our lives programmed so that no matter what we do, every second of our existence is mapped out for us?

A warehouse is robbed and security guard falls into a coma. Rumour has it the goods stolen were a banned anti-aging drug, labelled "dangerous" because of inadequate testing.

Even so there’s no shortage of buyers prepared to pay big bucks on the black market for the “fountain of youth”.

Here's a news story screaming to be investigated. Enter local hero Dave, investigative reporter at a popular community TV station. Dave is passionate about getting to the truth but is "Truth" worth pursuing at any cost?

But it sees our hero isn’t the only one chasing the truth. There are skeletons in the Dave’s family closet and they're rattling loudly. Dave’s mum, Elli, has always told him that he was a result of a one-night stand in Greece. So who is the father Dave has never known?

Not that Dave has much time to think about it just yet because Evelyn enters his life. Evelyn’s an ambitious actor playing the lead role in a major play which Dave is told to cover by his mentor and station manager, Boyle.

The station’s owner, Nic - a businessman with fingers in many pies - is keen to have the play publicised to the hilt and what better reporter to do it than Dave whose program Moment Of Truth has a large following.

Unbeknown to Dave, Nic is Evelyn’s father, keen to see his daughter realise her dream of being a serious actor. But as the relationship between Dave and Evelyn develops, we find that Evelyn’s parentage appears to be as dubious as Dave’s.

The young lovers are fated to undertake a journey of discovery about themselves and the history underpinning their relatives.

"Truth" is finally within reach and the stage is set - in more ways than one - for a dramatic date with destiny.

Hostage to Fate - War Story

This baby was a tall order: 12 day shoot; 7 ½ minutes of screen-time per day; shooting ratio 5:1; heavily weather- dependent due to shooting in a makeshift sound-studio with a tin roof; in post-production for 3 ½ years.

This is a movie about Gods pulling the strings of we mere mortals. Sometimes it felt like they insisted that art imitate life!

But hey, we prayed and made the Gods an offer they couldn’t confuse. Guess what? They smiled upon us!

The Gods are merciful after all and probably enjoy a good movie too.