Angelo Salamanca
Australian Cinema Ensemble



Deadly Dianne

Deadly Dianne was produced through the auspices of Moreland High School, 1973.

1973, 7 mins, Super 8

Director, Editor, DOP:  Angelo Salamanca
Production Assistant: Marcus Grinblat

Cast:  Loris Quantock, Bev Anstey, Charles Bebchuk, Noel Kenny, Bev Christopherson, Maria Jasik, Geir Brekke, Alex Bon.


When ‘Deadly Dianne’ strolls into town and creates problems for the Sheriff and her Deputy, the local vampire is called upon to deal with the stranger. However, after the fanged creature is despatched by a steak-knife through the heart, the Sherriff is so impressed with Deadly Dianne’s resourcefulness, that she decides to throw her badge away, and ride off with her into the sunset.