Produced - Closer and Closer Apart


Closer and Closer Apart
Closer and Closer Apart
Produced 1989
Screened Channel GTV9; Foxtel.

“Angelo Salamanca’s well-written screenplay moves along briskly.” David Stratton “Variety” 1990

Genre: Drama
Running time: 86 minutes
Format: 16 mm



This modern drama centres around the lives of four people in their early twenties. Life remains relatively uncomplicated with the two couples – Lola and Alfio, Sam and Angie – drifting towards a settled future.

But the certainty of their lives is shattered when Lola, a free spirit, seduces Alfio’s best friend Sam and awakens an intense passion.

Enraged by this betrayal after the affair is exposed by Angie, Alfio takes his revenge on Sam by challenging him to a knife fight on the banks of Merri creek where the two boys once played as friends.

Principal Cast
Principal Cast: Steve Bastoni
Marie-Louise Walker
George Harlem
Linda Hartley
George Kapiniaris

Principal Crew
Producer: Rosa Colosimo
Director: Steve Middleton
Writer: Angelo Salamanca
DOP: Vladimir Osherov
Editor: Catherine Birmingham
Music: Joe Dolce
Art Director: Maria Ferro