Angelo Salamanca
Australian Cinema Ensemble



Maryam Babaali
Broken Boat

2019, 10 mins, drama, 4K

Director: Angelo Salamanca
Writers: Maryam Babaali & Angelo Salamanca
Producer: Georgina Luck
Director of Photography and Editor: Hayley Miro Browne
Sound Recordist: Leanne De Leo
Production Designer: Ruth Lyon
Associate Producer and Script Consultant: Bill Mousoulis

Full cast and crew Credits available here.


When a Kurdish poet escapes her oppressive homeland of Iran, she takes her beloved’s birthday gift – “Girl with the Pearl Earring” translated into Farsi – with her on a journey to seek political asylum.

Chancing upon a community library, the invitation to ‘take a book, leave a book’ forges a poignant connection between her new landscape and the home she has left behind.

Stills Photography by Eric Platz